Clarke Scott Clarke Scott is writer/director who draws on 18+ years of philosophical education and contemplative practice to tell stories of human potential. With a keen sense for the profound and an honesty of spirit Clarke's projects often reflect his own concerns for a life well lived.


Musing on Love

Over the weekend I finally got a good chunk of silent time to sit with the story of Boy Chases Girl. The story, for the most part, has lived in note books and parts of it in script format for a while... Continue Reading

Anthony Minghella on Morality in Cinema

When I heard Anthony Minghella had passed away I shed a tear. Quite literally! For I knew the world, and in particular the world of cinema, was poorer for it! As evidence of this I present to you a lecture... Continue Reading

In the End All We Have is Love

  As you go through life some begin to realize that, in the end, whether you like it or not, we lose everything—money. health. status. friends. While for others this fact is lost of them and as... Continue Reading

2014 – A Year of Continued Commitment

Be a traditionalist on the one hand; and a non-conformist on the other. This is the way to discovery. I believe tradition is important as it is the foundation of proper practice. We need teachers. We need... Continue Reading