Be a traditionalist on the one hand; and a non-conformist on the other. This is the way to discovery.

I believe tradition is important as it is the foundation of proper practice.

We need teachers. We need mentors, and guides along the way, because we need to be shown the what and how of any skill we wish to develop. Yet at some point one must move on. One must move past the limits set by tradition.

This does not entail giving up on a tradition. It does not follow that you no longer care for a tradition, or even think a tradition limiting. But it is true that traditions limit individuals by their very nature as they are fundamentally models of, and for, education.

In the video below Jobs sees this point clearly and articulates it well. I have simply read it, or focused it on, “tradition.”

Check it out!

So be it a contemplative practice or something as mundane and yet important as art, understanding and respecting those that came before you, and the model developed by that collective wisdom, is fundamental to moving beyond it.

Yet moving beyond it is where the integration takes place. It is where self-discovery and true self-expression takes place.

Push up against the edges. Say no to something you would normally say yes to. And yes to something that scares the crap out of you! Do not think failure is defeat. It most certainly is not! Those that do not fail at something are simply too scared to even try!

I am a traditionalist on the one hand; a non-conformist on the other — no doubt! And I do not apologize for this.


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