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Every Young Person Will Be 40 One Day

Hi, I’m Clarke Scott and welcome to my website. Here you’ll find articles on the things I find cool and interesting — creativity, consciousness studies, and transformation mostly. I started the website many years ago and it has gone through several iterations as my personal journey morphed from Buddhist monk to filmmaker. I’d like to tell story of human potential. I believe people want to see these...

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Portraits BTS Ep1

Behind the Scenes of Portraits of Melbourne

Here is a behind the scenes look at the first episode of Portraits of Melbourne. I interviewed Ella Cannon after we had finished recording her voice-over, and her thoughts on the content are pretty much how I feel about it all. I am hoping to get around to doing a "commentary" of sorts at some point in time. Perhaps something that deals with the philosophical foundations of...

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What We Seek Is Found Within

Well it's live! The first episode of my narrative project Portraits Of Melbourne. Below are a couple of  screengrabs, which I posted to instagram as I was editing - I have an open plan for this project to grow into something larger than it currently is and if this were to happen each of these episodes will be the backstory for each character. More on that...

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Dream Learn Plan—A Life

I dream. I learn. I plan.   Or should that be I plan, learn and dream?   We started out to get a computer in the hands of everyday people, and we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. — Steve Jobs   I'm not really sure which ones came first but I do know that my days are filled with time spent planning — either for future goals, or present projects —...

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Raw and Exposed

Raw and Exposed

  It's a scary place to open yourself up to only hear silence. But unless your willing to live in that space, as raw and exposed as it is, you will continue to remain unfulfilled. Do not hide your heart. Your pain. Your love. Rather,  live life at 11. Raw. Exposed. Alive!    ...

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Musing on Love

Over the weekend I finally got a good chunk of silent time to sit with the story of Boy Chases Girl. The story, for the most part, has lived in note books and parts of it in script format for a while now. But over the weekend I wanted to map the inner emotional sub-text to physical actions as a test of the functionality of...

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Anthony Minghella

Anthony Minghella on Morality in Cinema

When I heard Anthony Minghella had passed away I shed a tear. Quite literally! For I knew the world, and in particular the world of cinema, was poorer for it! As evidence of this I present to you a lecture given by Minghella only days after winning the academy award for The English Patient. I believe in what he says. Indeed I think you should too. As...

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In the End All We Have is Love

As you go through life some begin to realize that, in the end, whether you like it or not, we lose everything—money. health. status. friends. While for others this fact is lost of them and as a result they can spend the time they have left wondering why! Even bitter at the lost. This is not a judgement but rather an observation.   Still it seems to...

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