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We Carry with Us

We all carries with us the potential for being wild.

Is this a good thing? Well, if we are creators then why not?!

Why is it that being wild equals being destructive? Why not take those impulses that make you feel like cutting loose and translating them into work that can help the world evolve?

I believe this can and should happen. I believe it is important for my own well being and those around me to continue to make stuff.

What if, instead of the following the fear of the “what ifs” and instead we made stuff anyways?

I leave you with that to ponder.

Darkness is important as it reveals the light

Everyone, at some point, feels a little down. It is simply a part of the human condition. We should stop telling ourselves that it’s somehow bad to have these moments. Physical pain is a way of your body telling you that something is wrong. Like that, these moments are pregnant with information that reveal what is wrong from another, and deeper, level.

Now, what I am not saying is that we need to feel sadness in order to feel happiness. No.

What I am saying though is when or if you do feel down do not be so quick to move from that place as it is the source of great insight into the human condition – into your personal condition. We are all different in this regard. Only you can know what your condition is like. Only you can see it. Therefore only you can fix it. Others can help but in the end only you can fix yourself.


So, next time you feel down do not distract ourself with some meaningless activity. Don’t just go and do something, anything, in order to make yourself feel better, or at least not feel bad. Instead use that time wisely. Spend some time in that place. Sitting quietly watching the feelings. It might reveal something. But be gentle while there for it’s a fragile space and one must be careful. Look too closely and the feeling will dissolve. Don’t look at all and knowledge will not reveal itself.

Overtime and with practice I promise it becomes easier.


Getting Stuck

I’m sitting in front of my computer trying to find something to write about. I’m feeling blank. Slept badly, I guess. Is this writers block? No…I don’t believe in writers block. But I do believe that ideas need time to appear. And that sometimes, but not always, they appear when we simply let go. There we are! There’s the idea for today. And that is, the notion of letting go and it’s opposite of trying to hard.

Letting go is also a practice. It can be scary and thrilling. But it is without a doubt a useful skill to acquire. Letting go lets me get unstuck. As it did just then…Letting go is the releasing of conscious effort and just seeing what happens. Some people like to plan. Sometimes this is good. But it can also lead to a rigidity in thought and outlook. When you see yourself getting stuck…let go! let go! let go! Trust me it will be worth it.

Silence is a Practice

Silence is something I’ve cherished over the years. It was hard to find at times. Something I longed for when I could not find it – as if life was out of focus. I’m not talking about the silence of sitting alone. I’m talking about the silence of a still mind.

Why was this? How is it that this kind of silence can be so hard to find? Surely it’s a matter of going into a room alone and sitting there watching your own breathing. Meditate for 5 minutes at your desk during a lunch break. There is your silence you might retort.

Well, here is the thing: Some days are too busy; some too slow. And we are often left in the middle, balancing on the edge between stress and boredom, ever aware we are falling left or right. So it’s a balancing act. This is the practice. Yes.

Now, if you have family or a partner then double the issues that prevent balance. Culture, lineage, and idiosyncrasies couple together to make the practice even more difficult.

Or do they?

Perhaps we can learn from each other. Working together and learning from issues of culture, how you were raised, or those “little things” that make you, you…or your partner, them. Working together as a team to create an environment where the practice is rewarded, not judged. Where silence is not a form of punishment but a practice worth cultivating.

But it is true that silence that is a lack of noise is needed at first in order to create silence of mind. Don’t conflate the two but do know that one is needed for the other to be practice.