As part of the new design and focus I plan to regularly update the blog with three kinds of posts. (1) The first will be shorter news stuff. (2) And then there will be the film/video with BTS, a short commentary (depending on the shoot) and sometime an accompanying article; and finally (3) longer posts about stuff—Buddhism, philosophy, etc.

Below is an example of the first kind:

Sitting here in the lounge of Likir House, a guest house in Delhi owned by a monastery in Ladakh, tonight is my last night in India. It been almost six month now! Wow, really? Yep. Can’t believe it myself. It has been a wonderful trip. I have meet many wonderful people and had many more new experiences I never expected.

I gotta say I did not plan to be here this long but it is only now that I feel it is time to go home. So I fly out of Delhi tomorrow. Then it is on to Thailand with a six hour stop over…yuck!…but this might give me time to work on a type #2 article. I won’t give away the end, other than to say that this article is my first narrative shortfilm and it has a long article on that most might find interesting—at least I hope you do. I am still working out the details of the accompanying article. So…In fact, by the time I get back to Oz, settle in and do stuff (there’s that word again!), it might be a week before you get to see it. I hope that is not too long of a wait for you?

I have more stuff to come from this trip—in terms of news and images that is. But will need some time and a proper internet connection to get these to you.

So until I speak with in from Australia.

Be well,




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