It’s three months in to 2012 and this is the first update to the blog. Dang…time sure can get away you if your not careful.

In fact it has been longer than this since the last update I wrote was posted just before leaving for Thailand.

I was to be there for a month; stayed for two. But I won’t bore you with the details of the Thailand shoot other than to say the people were friendly, the food delicious, and did I say the people were friendly? Anyhoo, here is some of what I shot while there:

Since getting back to Australia however, I’ve had a little purification to get through. That seems to be done now, and I finally have a home. I’m now in a better place and feel ready to begin writing again. Yay!

In recent news, I started a new job as a full-time editor for a small film & TV production company here in Melbourne. Started last week in fact. It’s nothing too flash but, we do have a 30 minute TV special coming up over Easter for a local commercial network station. What’s more the company director is interested in producing some of my short films. Hopefully I’ll have something to show you by the end of the year!? But given the nature of the film & TV industry I probably shouldn’t count on it. Not until I see him schedule time for them at least. Until then I’m happy to learn, and earn a little coin.

As you might imagine the short films I would like to have produced have, at the core, themes of compassion and human potential.

One story I have been musing on lately is a short film examining the impact of Alzheimers called Remembering Me.

As you might know, Alzheimers is a hidden problem that slides up on people as they age. The problem is often hidden by the natural aging process because it is simply a fact that as people age, memory muscles fade. Those  that  suffer are often unaware, and of course, if they are aware they are often reluctant to hear anything about the subject. But I have a theory…as you do.

See, I think that if we had compassion for the person we will become we might be more open to discuss such issues now. Having compassion for the person you will become will also help you lead a better life. This is a good thing, obviously but, how does one tell this story without words?

Here’s an outline:

We open with a overhead shot of an elderly man lying awake in bed. It’s 4.30 in the morning. He cannot sleep.  He leans over to look at the clock on his bedside table. Next to the clock is a family portrait—wife and adult daughter—taken at the family beach house. He then rolls on his side to sit on the edge of the bed.

He slips his feet into tarten slippers and walks to the bathroom. After a quick bathroom break we see him dressing in his business attire. A shirt. A tie. A jacket. A name tag. He’s dressing for work.

The old man then walks out of the ensuite and into the lounge. Passing the coffee table he bends to pick up his car keys.


The garage where we find the old man sitting in the drivers seat. Hand on the wheel. The keys are still in his hands as he stares out the windscreen with a puzzled look as if he is unsure what to do. After a short pause he places the keys in the keyhole and turns.


The old man driving to down a main road. The streets a empty.

From his point of view we see him driving towards a red light. He’s not breaking. As he gets closer the light turns green. He brakes. Even though the streets a empty a car speeds pass tooting his horn.

The door open and the old man steps out of the car. From a long shot way behind the car we see the old man stepping out onto the road and isn’t wearing pants.

He walks into the intersection.

With a tight shot on the old man face we see car lights coming in from the side. Horn sounds. Tires Squeal. He turns to car the lights…THUD! FADE TO BLACK.


An overhead shot of a young man unable to sleep. He rolls over to look at the time. It’s 4.30 am. In the background we see a photo portrait of his young family—wife and young daughter—taken at their newly purchased beach house.


End Title: “May all beings be free from suffering and its causes.”



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