Day two of this new daily blog practice. Yes it is a practice.

I’ve been reading, or more correctly listening to Seth Godin a bit over the last few days. Turns out he is much more than just a business marketing guy. He cares about the world and more importantly, people. I like this about him. And he has some interesting ideas about our future too. That is why I was listening.

Indeed, Seth is the reason why I am trying (again) to reboot writing here. See, over the years I have written long posts about philosophy, short ones about life, and all shade in-between. Nothing felt right. I did not know why. Which is probably why it never really lasted.

And he did not tell me anything I did not know already in his talks but he did point out something that was slightly hidden. And that is the degree to quite I hide. Hide from myself. From others. Those l love and love me back. What makes us do this? White knight syndrome perhaps?

How Seth pointed it out was this. “whenever you find yourself scared by doing something you are on to something. Make a ruckus!” Simple. Straight forward. And missed my many…including myself for many years. It’s vague enough to be inserted back into the readers life as they see meaningful. I did just that.

Firstly, here is why I missed it (in part). I am not afraid of most things. Change? No problem. Uncertainty? Nope! The unknown? Never – I have got on a plane and left Australia without much of a plan several times in my life and enjoyed that feeling.  Not for a holiday with money in the bank but with almost nothing. Because of this I’ve always thought myself quite robust in this regard. I’ve started projects time and time again with a real fear it might not work out but I’ve done it because I had to see for myself. I believed in an idea and myself enough to at least try, and when it failed (as most have) I have picked myself up off the floor, learning something from the process, and tried again.

But I wrongly assumed I did not suffer at all from the type of fear Seth was talking about.  No. For it is scary to be vulnerable in front of another. Indeed in front of you. But if we do not do this are we really leading a full life? I’ve banged on about leading a good life for years. Turns out I was hiding from it all along. Now comes the work.





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