As a fan of the band Hammock and having recently purchased several albums I wanted to shoot something for one of their amazing soulful numbers. I chose, “How Can I Make You Remember Me?” from the album, “Chasing After Shadows…Living with Ghosts.” See here:​chasing


The piece came about because I was heading into town (Melbourne, Australia) and had to take public transport for a meeting. So I took my 60d and a lens—my 50mm 1,4 just in case something came up.


As I took the train to the meeting I listening to Hammock on my iPhone, and shooting whatever looked interesting as I went. There was no time to stop and think about each shot—just point and shoot. I hope you like the results?



I was planning to make this a narrative piece. I wanted to write something as a V.O., (voice over) and create something entirely different than what it ended up being. This would basically make the music a soundtrack to my piece. Moreover, I think Hammocks music has a narrative feel and so then it accrued to me that if I were to add dialogue this might change the intended meaning of the song. Or at least place a particular narrative into the head of the viewer/listener. So I refrain…for now.




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