As you go through life some begin to realize that, in the end, whether you like it or not, we lose everything—money. health. status. friends. While for others this fact is lost of them and as a result they can spend the time they have left wondering why! Even bitter at the lost. This is not a judgement but rather an observation.


Still it seems to me that what life cannot take form us is our ability to care—to love. And when I say love, I mean it in the Buddhist sense, which of course, has little to do with anything that happens between the sheets!


While Lennon may have been correct with his well known, “All you need is Love”, statement this to me has always seemed glib at best…if not just hippy tripe!.


Either way it was without doubt the soundbite of the 70’s (or was it the 80’s?) that continues to water-down the truth of the statement and that is a shame really!


I think this attitude might be linked, somehow, to a general view about about or what one should do with their life.


There will be the people that watch, for instance, the video of Steve Jobs from the last post and nod in approve at the beginning of the speech where he outlines an a-typical life but then disapprove when he goes on the say that this is a rather shallow interpretation of a life well lived!


Or as one person close to me did recently…nod and smile in agreement that quickly changed to stoney-faced silent as it dawned upon them why I found this interesting! All you need is Love!!


This lead me to think about what is it that makes people believe certain things. Why is it that for some people digging pass the veil of the ordinary, the mundane, is so so natural and yet for others is to frightening beyond belief?!?


I do not know yet, but, what I do know is that it pays to dig—if only as a functional mechanism against the wounds of life. Know thyself as the Greeks were found of saying!


For the timid, however, it is clear that life turns difficult as they age because they value everything that is easily lost and do not understand that it was ALWAYS going to be “lost” in the end. Really…really…sad!


Therefore cherish your ability to care! It maybe all you have left in the end.


There are plenty of templates for a life well lived but you have to be brave enough to live them! And the good news is, it is never too late.


May all beings…those close and those far….have only happiness and its causes.




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