While working on the outline for a “secret project” I wrote a note to myself that will represent a series of events spanning several days with the simple title— “Life is a Series of Moments — Make Em Count!”

(update: the “secret project” is Medals for the Intrepid.)


This got me thinking…life REALLY IS JUST A SERIES OF MOMENTS.


These moments are things that no one can take from you.


How you choose to spend these moments, therefore, is your choice—your decision.


Do not turn the TV on simply to fill the space with noise.


Do not find something to do just to be active.


Do use technology to engage, inform, and educate.


Do be as active as possible to engage, inform, and educate.


These are your moments. And these moments ARE your life.


You can spend them goofing off. Distracted. Asleep! Ignorant!!


Or you can choose to live life at eleven. Eyes wide open, fully engaged, ready to help—completely clear in body, speech and mind.


The decision is yours. Blue pill; Red pill. Which one will you take?


And don’t think this is not the most important decision of your life for there ain’t no re-runs in this cinema.


So make em count!




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