I’ve begun calling myself a Melbourne wedding Photographer. And I’ve created a website just for my wedding photography here in Melbourne.

You might read this and think…why? Why would anyone go from being a commercial advertising and fashion photographer to a wedding photographer? Some might see this as failure. That some how I was not good enough.
But I’ve shot everything from magazine covers to international campaigns with models selling hamburgers so it’s not true. Moreover, I’ve worked with some of the world’s leading brands and spent months at a time shooting commercials overseas (I still love this part of the job…I admit!).
But isn’t moving from fashion to weddings a backwards move from a career point of view?
Believe me this is exactly what I would have thought only a couple of years ago, and it is most certainly what some of my industry friends think right now. But I don’t agree! Here is why:
The truth is there are some wonderful images coming out of the wedding industry these days. Pictures that any commercial photographer would be proud to call their own. Images that they would place into their portfolio and shop around to advertising agency art directors and creative directors — wedding photography has come along way to be sure. Still this is not why I am moving my focus from photographing advertising campaigns to photographing weddings. I feel inspired by these pictures I see from some wedding photographers but that is not the reason…at least not the entire reason.
Here’s the thing. Wedding photography is important. It is important because each wedding marks the start of something new. Something meaningful. Something more than mere pictures that help sell a product.

It is about people. It is about raw emotion. It’s about connections beyond anything physical. And it is about something deeper than words can express.
And I believe this is true because I believe that in capturing these moments of raw connection between people we are given a rare glimpse beyond the mask people present to the world and into the essence of being. It is up to us to find these moments and capture them for others to see.

Weddings give a photographer a rare platform to do this. And in doing so we are bringing something of ourselves to other peoples lives. And we are there from the beginning. This is a big responsibility. It should be taken seriously. For that reason wedding photography is important and I shoot weddings now because this is what is important to me.

This new venture is super exciting. That is why I wanted to pass it along. I cannot wait to get into the thick of things and look forward to being busy.

I realise you do not know me well but, I’d love it if you could pass this on to a friend who might need a wedding photographer.

If you have any friends or you’re getting married soon my collections start at $2490

Thank you. I really appreciate it! 🙂

kind regards,

Clarke Scott


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