So you’ve not heard from me in a couple of months. I always feel bad when I begin to write a post after so long. Truth is however, this is probably how it is going to be, as regular posting seems not to be a strong point of mine even if I wish it were.  Not all is lost however, and if you are interested in regular postings albeit 140 characters only hit me up on twitter.

So what’s my news then? Well, I’m off to shoot a bunch of promo video’s for Thanyapura in Thailand this Friday and return to Australia in the third week of November. Yes indeedy that is 4 weeks in the tropical island that is Phuket. Poor me!

So what is this place? Well, Thanyapura is a large education and sports complex founded and funded by a philanthropic businessman. The premise is to bring education local and ex-pay children with a balance of mental and physcial training. There is also a world class sports center to which they hope to attract sporting teams from around the world to come to train. For instance, recently Thanyapura hosted the Canadian synchronized swimming team who are currently third in the world in their sport.

Here’s a little via the website:

Thanyapura comprises of three centres: Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club, Phuket International Academy Day School and Thanyapura Mind Centre. We offer a state of the art, sustainable facility which focuses on education, sports, arts and wellness for the enjoyment of the local Phuket community and for visitors from around the world. We are located in an area of natural beauty amidst the foothills of a national park on the eastern part of Phuket island, Thailand.

I came to know of Thanyapura through my friend B. Alan Wallace. Alan helps run the mind center where he teaches secular meditation leads retreats. There is some talk of the mind center becomes a place where scientists form around the world to go to study long term contemplatives.

For information about the school, sports or mind center’s go to the website there you can get all the info you’ll need.

Besides this news my “action plan” from the article on life, lessons, and the role of filmmakers in modernity is coming along nicely. I’m working on a short film and a feature too. Both are example of the ideas found in the aforementioned article. I hope to shoot the short early next year, and the feature is ongoing. I’ve had a couple of people put their hand up to help when the time is right.

So long with my foray into the world of a freelance director/shooter my plans are going along nicely. Exciting times!



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